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Freshwater West, Wales - Pembroke - United Kingdom

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Skim Spot Characteristics

Great beech with loads of sandbanks dotted around to generate some nice shore-breakers at multiple points in the tide, although these can be sort lived they're well worth it when you do find them! Be sure to have a walk along the beech to find the biggest sandbank when the tide is low. High tide is also good however there can be a few stones around to scratch your board and stub your toes! easily the most consistent beech in south wales for swell, hence the reason the welsh nationals are held there.
For the offchance that it is flat here, there are some sweet sloping, shallow streams running down the beech when the tide is on it's way out to skim round or to make some ramps on. The facilities here are fairly basic with 2 car parks, toilets, emergency phone and in the high season there's usually a mobile van selling icecream and food - Please either take your litter home or use the bins provided!


Pretty remote, can feel like your driving around country lanes forever on the way there! Head towards Castlemartin and look out for surfing stickers on the road signs, they'll lead the way! The beech is surrounded by sand dunes and there is a dock for ferries and whatnot to the north.

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