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Mother Iveys, Cornwall - United Kingdom

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Skim Spot Characteristics

Argueably the best skim spot (to date) the UK has to offer. Needs a large swell from either the NW,W,SW to set it off.

Usually during Autumn,Winter or Spring any swell over 8ft with a 10 second + wave period will generate skimmable waves that can rival the best anywhere in Europe has to offer.

The slope is nearly always good never any real stones to worry about but the tide can send it from epic to unrideable in less than 20 mins.

Normally best from mid to low tide on neap tides but bigger swells will work through higher tides.


It is Cornwalls worst kept secret. Follow the Spongers when you are near Trevose Head. To be honest you will need to get a map and learn to read it once near Padstow follow signs for Harlyn then Mother Iveys. Once you get to the Mother Iveys bay caravan park follow the spongers to the beach. (there is "no" access to the beach through the caravan park ;-))

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