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Hondarribia, Pais Vasco - Spain

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Skim Spot Characteristics

A great spot when everything else in the nearby French area is to big to hold a skimable wave, facing North North West and with a large amount of hills around this place is pretty well seltered from any moderate West and South Westly wind...

This place will work on huge westerly swells, with the swell rapping round the headland and on any northly swell too. Works best a couple of hours either side of high tide.

The beach has a really nice (not uber steep) slope, the wave breachs along the rocky sea wall which can provide some interesting shapes of bowley waves to ride.... some very potential long rides along the face away from the sea wall here.

As a bonus you could also find a sider working inside the harbour - there's a beach just behind the town in the harbour which can produce a crazy sider, you'll need a big swell for this!


For the main beach there's a car park right behind the beach. For the sidder inside the harbour, there's a car park just off the main high street as you drive through the town follow signs for the port parking - and the beach is the other side of the big slipway.

Eyeball Reports

Posted 06/12/2007 17:07:53 by jax
Great slope at the moment, no stones and real nice sand!

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