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Murtinheira and Quiaios, North - Portugal

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Skim Spot Characteristics

This is one huge stretch of beach where skimmable waves can be found in abundance. Usually the best two spots will be at the end of the beach road (Murtinheria) and also in front of the main beach car park at Priai de Quiaios.

These spots will work on both small and big swells, smaller swells you need a lower tide, bigger swells higher tide but generally around mid tide. The slopes here are super steep so you will get tons of speed to easily reach over head hollow pounding skim.

You can often find sweet spots where the wave will bowl up then peel all the way back to the beach, so talk a walk up and down the beach before you choose your spot!

Will work from 2ft of swell up to 8 maybe 9ft. Be careful when it's big the rips are real strong and typically run south towards the mountain.


Car park at Priai de Quiaios, skim is the other side of the dune. Murtinheria, park on the side of the road as far down as you can drive.

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