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Playa Del Gallo, Mazunte Oaxaca - Mexico

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This is a really nice beach for skimboarding all year long, it is a little bay with more than 4 spots for skim, it is a touristic place but still unknown for our favorite sport,(more waves more fun jeje) the kind of wave you will find is diffrent depending on the year season and the swell.

You can find solid barrels on spring time and kind of right liner on winter, you can also find some times perfect right and left and smoot barrels , there are a lot of cheap places to stay and to eat really tasty local food welcome to la costa de oaxaca and enjoy the ride


arrive to(pmx) puerto escondido international airport and after that you look for bus station to pochutla you ask the bus driver to get you off in "crucero de san antonio"(this bus is as cheap as 25 pesos a little beat more than an euro) when you are there look for the bus to mazunte(it cost five pesos, less than a half euro) ask to the bus driver to get you off in front of the church, once there you walk right to the beach and there you are man welcome to mazunte shorebreak

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